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August 07, 2021 1 min read

August is my favorite month (yes, it’s my birthday) and, therefore, I wanted to do something special for this collection and lavender is something special. When people think of lavender, the usual associations are France, baby products, and products designed to aid sleep. But lavender is so much more, it is a very versatile herb. And this month’s collection is designed to showcase lavender’s versatility.

Lavender is a flowering plant in the mint family of which there are 47 known species. To display lavender’s scent profile adaptability, we paired it with chocolate, blackberry, coconut, vanilla, and orange in our artisan soaps. Lavender is also a great stand-alone scent, that is why we also included in this collection a natural lavender soap, scented with lavender essential oil and colored with Brazilian purple clay. Our other all natural soap option for this month is Sleepy Time Natural Soap which is scented with lavender and peppermint essential oils and colored with purple Brazilian clay and kaolin clay.

When used in culinary applications, lavender has a sweet fragrance and a citrusy flavor. Our Lavender Blackberry Artisan Soap was inspired by a lavender blackberry cake I once made that was to die for. 

No matter what you associate lavender to, we invite you to open your mind to these possibilities and enjoy the sweet, floral, and gourmand scents that this month's collection offers.