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July 20, 2021 1 min read

We have three soap collections: natural, artisan, and seasonal.


As part of our natural collection we will only offer soaps that are made with 100% natural ingredients. When scented, we will only use essential oils for this collection. We also offer several us scented options perfect for those with sensitive skin or for those that prefer an unscented soap. The colorants used in this collection are also natural, we like to use activated charcoal, turmeric, chlorella, cacao, and clays among others to give a touch of color to this collection. 


For our artisancollection we use skin safe fragrance oils and mica colorants. These ingredients are not considered natural but add greater possibilities and variety to our soap designs and scents. Some scents, particularly fruits, are not available in an essential oil, others are extremely expensive and would be better used in a perfume. Some micas are naturally mined, but there is huge controversy regarding the ethical practices of the companies that mine them. Others are man made. We purchase our micas from reputable suppliers and would never support any kind of abuse.


Our seasonalcollections include both natural and artisan soaps in scents, shapes, and colors related to a specific season.


All of our soaps are made aiming towards the highest quality in design and function. We are our toughest critics. Best of all we really enjoy what we do and are proud of our products. For us, there is nothing better than learning that someone else loves our soaps as much as we do. We hope you become part of the Don Gato family