Don Gato Soapery

Caffelatte Artisan Soap


A wake me up bar, our Caffelatte Artisan soap is made with real milk and coffee. It has a wonderful coffee scent and creamy bubbly lather. It is hand made in small batches with saponified oils of coconut, olive, RSPO sustainable palm oil, avocado, hemp, lard, and cocoa butter. It also has hot brewed coffee, milk, ground coffee, and cocoa powder. Coffee grounds provide mild exfoliation. We also have a non-exfoliating bar, without ground coffee.

Since this soap is handmade and handcut, weights may vary slightly, but it will never be less than 6 ounces per bar.

To make your handmade artisan soap last longer in the shower, please place the soap in an area or soapdish that does not hold water so it remains dry between uses.

Listing is for one bar of soap.

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