Jabonera Don Gato

Sleigh of Soap Gift Box


Our Sleigh of Soap Gift Box includes one bar each of all four of our Christmas Collection soap bars:

Xmas Confetti Artisan Soap - Red and green confetti bar, scented with a skin safe, orange clove fragrance oil

Candy Cane Artisan Soap - A classic red and white swirled bar, scented with peppermint essential oil

Tembleque Artisan Soap - A white bar of soap named and scented after the popular Puerto Rican coconut dessert. 

Misbehaving Artisan Soap - A twist on the lump of coal for those that have misbehaved during the year. This bar is made with activated charcoal and it is scented with a skin safe, fragrance oil house blend that evokes a tropical pine tree forest.

The gift box also includes a wooden draining soap dish, a wooden sleigh and a christmas gnome.

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